The Gnome was a type of aero engine used in a number of Allied aircraft.

There were three main versions;

  • The Type A had 7 cylinders producing 80hp at 1,200rpm.
  • The Type B-2 had 9 cylinders producing 100hp at 1,200rpm. Weight was 260lb. Petrol consumption was 0.778 pints per hp per hour.
  • The Type N had 9 cylinders producing 160hp at 1,350rpm. Weight was 340lb.

Bore and stroke figures were 110x150mm for the Type A and Type B-2, and 150x170mm for the Type N.[1]


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Grey, C G. Jane's All The World's Aircraft 1919 (Adapted as Jane's Fighting Aircraft of WW1 - 2001).

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