Bergmann MP18.1.JPG


Submachine gun

Place of Origin

German Empire

The MP18.1 was the first practical submachine gun. It was first used in 1918 by the Strosstruppen, German assault groups who specialized in trench combat. Manufacture and study of the MP18 and other such submachine guns was banned postwar under the Treaty of Versailles.

History Edit

In 1915, the German Rifle Testing Commission at Spandau decided to create a new weapon for trench warfare. The Commission first tried to retrofit the Mauser C96 and other semi-automatic pistols However, accurate aimed fire in full automatic mode was impossible with a machine pistol because of their light weight and high rate of fire. It was concluded that an entirely new gun was needed. Hugo Schmeisser and Theodor Bergmann of Bergmann Waffenfabrik, designed the Maschinenpistol 18/I to meet these standards. Full scale production did not begin until early 1918. It was first used during the 1918 offensive.

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