Arisaka Type 30
Type 30 Rifle
Production Information

Service rifle

Technical Specifications
Total length

1,280 mm (50 in)

Barrel length

797 mm (31.4 in)


Bolt action

Magazine capacity

5 round internal magazine

Muzzle velocity

765 m/s (2,510 ft/s)


10-15 rpm

Year introduced


Used by


The Type 30 Arisaka was a box fed bolt action repeating rifle. It was the standard Japanese rifle from 1899 to 1905. It was in Japanese service between 1899 and 1945. During World War I, it was used by the Royal Navy as part of the Anglo-Japanese Alliance. Some of these rifles were given to Russia as aid, and thus were used by Finland and Estonia after the collapse of the Russian Empire.

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