Welcome to the World War One Wiki!

Here it is our goal to honor those who served in the Great War as best we can with the most accurate information we can. Their sacrifice shall not go unnoticed and we will strive to make their stories told.

History of the WikiEdit

The World War One Wiki was formed February, 2012 by Nelfen. The World War One Wiki has since become affiliated with World War II Wiki as both wikis have a common goal to provide the best source of information they can about each of the world wars. Major changes have not surfaced since but minor or medium sized edits to do with site organization and administration have come and gone. As of now, the wiki is running through a project to set all of its fundemental guidelines and necessities for the future.


Currently there are two administrators and or important figures on the wiki. They are found below

Founder: NelfenEdit

Ambassador/Deputy Administrator: Fargo84Edit

Community PortalEdit

Coming SoonEdit

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