Welcome to the World War One Wiki's Manual of Style, here you can find information on how to make lasting contributions to the wiki and help out in the best way. The guidelines are found below.

Page OrganizationEdit

For every single article, there must be a reference section with the <references/> tag. Then there must be a History section that documents the development history of the subject. However, that section only applies if the article deals with vehicles, aircraft, or weapons. If it is about a certain battle, than the h2 heading, The Battle must be used. If there are variants for the weapon or vehicle, than there must be an h3 section titled Variants. Before that should be several opening paragraphs.

Personal BiasEdit

Bias in an article is forbidden. When writing, the editor must maintain a solid, neutral point of view. However, this must not prevent them from pointing out any drawbacks of a weapon for example or the tactical importance of a battle.


When writing, an editor should refrain from using the word you. This is unprofessional and the word one would be recommended as a substitute.


Images in an article should be balanced with the amount of text. If there are more images about the subject that are not displayed, an editor should add them. They can be found in the wiki Image Database.

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